Connect, Inspire, Nourish and Give Back.

These are the four pillars of Grow Your Heart. We invite you to be a part of our community by coming along to Grow Your Heart gatherings, at which you will have the opportunity to feel part of something bigger than yourself, you will enjoy delicious organic wholefoods, you will learn and you will be inspired.

At Grow Your Heart we are passionate about making change in the world and positively impacting the lives of others primarily through applying our four pillars and additionally through funds generated for a number of special projects aligned with Grow Your Heart’s philosophy.

About Grow Your Heart

After reading The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin, Grow Your Heart founder Delia Baron consciously chose to focus on doing more of the things she loves and less of the things she should. In February 2014, she travelled to Africa with the Africa Yoga Project, an organisation that aims to enrich lives through yoga. The trip was called Grow Your Heart and the seed of an idea was born.

Grow Your Heart aims to connect people, nourish them with great food and informative speakers and inspire a ripple effect whereby participants spread the goodness back into the community at large, positively impacting others. The notion of being part of a community is central – it is what enables all of us to thrive and blossom.

We will begin to do this through intimate monthly lunches and regular larger-scale workshops where experts, or those with valuable lessons from the ‘school of life’, can share their experiences.

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Make space for the things that matter to you at our Grow Your Heart monthly lunches.

A guest speaker will inspire you whilst enjoying delicious, organic, vegetarian wholefood.

At our Grow Your Heart lunches you will connect with other people in the Grow Your Heart Community and have the chance to briefly disconnect from life’s intrusions and distractions.

It is our hope that you will leave feeling nourished in mind and body and ready to share your full heart and soul with others.


Our Workshops nourish the mind and soul.

Grow Your Heart collaborates with leading thinkers in a variety of fields including innovation, social enterprise and education as well as local and international members of the health and wellness community, foodies and mindfulness and yoga practitioners.

Guest and keynote speakers will share their life learnings and expert knowledge, leaving participants more informed and feeling empowered. Although facilitated in a group setting, individual participants will have the opportunity to reflect, consider and grow.

Participants will have the opportunity to give back by providing a financial contribution to special projects aligned with the theme of the lunch or workshop, or more generally, Grow Your Heart’s philosophy.

About Delia

Grow Your Heart emanates from founder Delia Baron’s genuine desire to create community and her natural tendency to share with others. Delia has a sign above the front door of her home that reads: Kibbutz Olinda. It refers to the Israeli Kibbutz lifestyle where life is lived communally.

A mother of four, Delia grew up in a loving home where food was a catalyst to conversation, an expression of appreciation, a symbol of culture and a central element of any celebration.

Delia started a cooking school from home when she was pregnant with her first child. Encouraged by the participants, she and her sister put some of their recipes together in the form of a cook book called Cooking with the Raizons. They have gone on to write four volumes of Cooking with the Raizons and Delia has also written recipes for community newspapers.

As a volunteer at the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden program in Collingwood for two years, Delia loved connecting the students to their food source and was inspired to set up a kitchen-garden program a Mount Scopus College in Burwood. She has been running the program for the past five years.

A yoga devotee, mindfulness enthusiast, traveller and an active member of Kids in Philanthropy (a giving circle involving families), Delia has felt a longing to create a social enterprise that will inspire, connect, nourish and give back and, in doing so, contribute to a better world.

Delia Baron
Delia Baron
Mobile: 0412 990 735

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Recent Events

Weaving Workshop with Tammy Kanat

By | July 22nd, 2016|

In this workshop participants learnt how to weave and were given the tools to create their own unique tapestries. Lunch was abundant and wholesome. A gorgeous night was enjoyed by all.

A proportion of money was donated to Opportunity International Australia.

Magic Takes Guts – In Conversation with Dana Flynn

By | April 8th, 2016|

It was a magical night of conversation, chanting, wisdom, joy, celebration, ritual, feasting, fun and so much more. Thank you Dana. I can’t wait until you return to Australia to do it all again.

The Art of Salad Making with Ronnit Hoppe (from Balaboosta) and Delia Baron (from Grow Your Heart).

By | February 26th, 2016|

Back to back salad workshops with Ronnit from and myself. We learnt that it is all in the way that you chop and that presentation is everything. Participants learnt how to make 8 colourful, healthy and interesting salads from all over the globe. Stay tuned, more workshops by with us coming soon!

Conscious Parenting with Jacqui from the Broadplace – Ways in which to become a more connected parent.

By | February 9th, 2016|

What a way to kick of 2016! An absolutely brilliant, entertaining and extremely informative night in “the pit” with Jacqui from the @thebroadplace. Jacqui delivered and shared in such an honest, generous and hysterically funny way. Lots of laughs and takeaways. Parenting is hard and talking about it in an open and honest way is extremely empowering. For more information about Jacqui and The Broad Place, visit

A proportion of money was donated to the Delta Society.

Growing My Heart – Delia Baron

By | November 27th, 2015|

The magic of GYH has grown my heart so big and has also given back to so many incredible charities over the years. Connect. Inspire. Nourish. Give back. These 4 pillars have been at the cornerstone of the GYH philosophy. At the FINAL event for 2015 I shared how these pillars have influenced my work and the many lessons I have learnt along the way.

I also demonstrated some recipes for some super Japanese inspired salads. We enjoyed a meditation and some soulful tunes.

A proportion of money was donated to Africa Yoga Project.

Twilight Arm Knitting and Throw Making Workshop with Tammy Kanat.

By | November 22nd, 2015|

In this workshop participants learnt how to arm knit and were given the tools to create their own unique woollen throws. Dinner was abundant and wholesome. A gorgeous night was enjoyed by all.

Tammy’s weaving journey began in 2012. After obsessing over some amazing tapestries and needing to own one, she decided to embark on a project and create her own piece. Drawing on her background as a jewellery designer and completing several courses she was able to produce her own woven tapestries. Since then she has had a very positive response to her designs and produced pieces for private clients. Her woven tapestries are an expression of herself, through combining colours, shapes and various techniques she creates pieces that represent her love of colour, texture and design. She has started running courses and absolutely loves seeing others embrace this artform.

A proportion of money will be donated to Opportunity International Australia.